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Thoughts before, during, and after Coachella…

April 19, 2011

– I love music.

-Are there any good men? I’m beginning to doubt it.
-Who crowd surfs at a Bright Eyes show?…these 3 idiots.
-I’m almost positive I got high via secondhand smoke this weekend.
– I love music.
-I feel as though I may have a slight idea on how Sodom and Gomorrah looked.
– There are no boundaries to mankind’s depravity.
– I now comprehend how someone can die from being trampled underfoot. 
– In leu of the previous statement, I could have kissed the man who so courteously and wonderfully created a sort of crowd-plow around me to get me out of the pressing multitude. Side note I could have also kissed another man, not by choice, due to the close proximity in which I was pressed against him. Side, side note this man may have also wanted to kiss me judging from his head trying to graze mine. Silly man. 
– I’ve never been able to relate to the movies “Selena” and “Titanic” until this weekend. Minute 2:09 onward is what Amanda and I felt : )

Selena, the movie.
– The shows of Lauryn Hill and Wiz Khalifa both had an especially strange haze rising from the crowd. Must be a strange fog phenomena or something.

-Oh, so that’s how you roll a joint?
-Ah, now I see! That’s how you “drop acid” as the kids say.
-What’s that? No Sir I don’t have any weed, acid, pills, or “E” to sell you. Try a few cars down.
– I love music.
-Thank you to all the drug addicts and lushes within the Empire Polo Club grounds. Amanda and I walked away from this weekend 120$ richer as a result of your revelries. 

– Flogging Molly, She Wants Revenge, Jimmy Eat World, and Bright Eyes thank you for bringing me back to some good high school memories.
– Music is much more appreciated when the musician is humble. 
– Kristian Matsson, Marcus Mumford, Matt Vasquez, Caleb Followill, Dan Auerbach, and  Win Butler if only I could combine you all to make the perfect man, life would be pretty great.

– I may or may not have enjoyed a Kanye West show. Don’t judge me.
– Cee Lo Green, it seems like you were displaying some arrogant and crabby qualities while on stage. So kudos to the sound man who cut you off 2 minutes earlier than you were scheduled. Looks like you reap what you sow, eh?
– I missed my Consuela! God is good because I get to see her and Mumford & Sons twice in the same week! 

– Round 3 of the birthday celebrations is about to commence with the lovely Leah Lopez. A mini road trip up north to see new friends, old friends, and a Railroad Revival Tour! Then coming home and wrapping up the festivities with a San Diego show starring The Head and the Heart. Hmmm, my heart is smiling. 
– Have I mentioned that I love music yet?
I will try to post some video soon so we can re-live my Coachella moments together! In the mean time, here are some of my favorite pictures from this weekend!

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  1. April 19, 2011 4:00 pm

    I love you and your obsession with all things somewhat weird.. haha no but your passion inspires for me helping you celebrate your birthday all month long I sure won't be seeing you much. miss you!

  2. April 20, 2011 5:11 am

    love the post!! inspired me also haha! makes me really excited for stagecoach!!!

  3. May 9, 2011 8:15 pm

    kathleen laura. I am so glad you know now how to roll a joint 😉 and got to see all these wonderful musicians!!! yeah. and cool;)

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