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August 8, 2011

Last night Leah and I went to yet another Fling show. I swear we’ve seen these fellas way too many times, but I don’t even care. It was a nice little get away to the Detroit Bar in Costa Mesa. Chairs Missing and Francisco the Man supported The Fling and I really enjoyed both bands thoroughly (which is rare for me). BUT this show went on soooo late due to the fact that the Fling’s trusty van broke down on the Grapevine earlier in the day. They ended up going on at around 1 in the morning! I mean I can stay up pretty late but because I’ve been getting up earlier in the day for work and just plain getting older, my poor old grandma self was exhausted! At least they had Star Wars playing on a screen nearby to pass the time! The boys put on a great show and along with some other nut jobs in the place entertaining me (i.e gypsy woman and drunk boy), I’d say the night was a success! So check out the previously mentioned bands, you won’t be disappointed, and keep posted for some more exciting upcoming shows (Laura Marling and The Decemberists) We can relive the moments together! Until next time….

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